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A Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM) is a registered nurse with a minimum of a master’s degree from an accredited university and who has passed a national board certification exam, and obtain a state license to practice and prescribe. They are considered Advanced Practice Registered Nurses and are legally recognized nationwide.  Our midwives are considered “full-scope” in that they can care for a client throughout the span of their life, offering both gynecological and pregnancy care. Midwives have decades of evidence showing that they are the experts in normal pregnancy, and consistently have exceptional statistics and birth outcomes. 


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Personalized prenatal care
We provide longer than typical visits with nurse midwives who provide individualized, holistic care and education resulting in healthier and happier pregnancies with better birth outcomes. We discuss way to support physiologic birth and devote time to discuss your individual preferences.
We offer hydrotherapy options during labor for low risk pregnancies. Hydrotherapy is the use of warm water, either with a shower, or immersion in a tub to provide pain relief, promote relaxation and facilitate labor progression.
OMG Midwives offer support for women who desire a vaginal birth after one previous cesarean. Our VBAC success rates are consistently above 70%.
Labor Support
Our nurse midwives communicate with your throughout your labor, including prior to you arriving at the hospital. We are present in the room at the hospital, and provide hands on labor support. We are supportive of physiologic birth, honoring your individual preferences as much as possible. We can also support you if you choose medication for pain relief in labor. Nurse midwives are trained to provide physical and emotional support to all pregnant women, no matter what your birth plan is.
Cesarean Section Support
OMG Women's Health has very low cesarean birth rates compared to national standards. We also acknowledge that sometimes this life-saving surgery is necessary. If a cesarean is needed for your delivery, whether planned or unexpected, our nurse midwives often may stay with you during the procedure to provide support for you and your partner or family members. We also may help to facilitate gentle cesarean births, including skin to skin in the OR.
Hinsdale Hospital
OMG Midwives provide care to our clients in labor at AMITA Adventist Hinsdale Hospital. The hospital offers a beautiful labor and delivery unit with 3 birth tub rooms, excellent nursing staff, Level III NICU, and childbirth education classes. Our Nurse Midwives can provide you with birthing tools to help you be more comfortable during labor. Birthing balls, Birthing stools, Birthing Tubs, Showers, Aromatherapy, and Rebozo can be offered and utilized throughout your labor.
Lactation Support
If you are planning to breastfeed, our nurse midwives can assist you with lactation support. In addition, Hinsdale Hospital offer Lactation Consultant Services during your hospital stay, and The Nurturing Nook
Breastfeeding Center providers outpatient visits as needed:
Adolescents and Young Women
Our nurse midwives are an excellent option for young women who are starting gyne care or are currently in college. While gyne visits can seem like intimidating or uncomfortable encounters, our midwives create a safe and respectful space for discussions of sexual health, consent and relationship safety, birth control, exercise and nutrition, and substance use/abuse. Many young adult women do not need pelvic exams during initial visits with a nurse midwife.
We believe exceptional healthcare should be available to everyone, which is why we proudly provide a safe healthcare space for our LGBTQIA clients. Whether you are starting or growing your family, or if you need gynecological services/ contraception, our midwives provide care in a informed, respectful and compassionate way.
Birth Control & Sexual Health
Midwives can make talking about sex and birth control far less awkward, and more informative. We know about all kind of sex, and can give insight, and offer treatment for a variety of sexual health issues. We also provide STI testing and safe sex education, no matter the type of sex you participate in. We can go over all of your birth control options, prescribe what you need, and even insert IUDs and Nexplanon.
Mammograms & Cancer Screenings
Our nurse midwives can collect your pap smears and follow the ASCCP guidelines for cervical cancer screenings. We also can order any imaging needed, such as mammograms or pelvic ultrasound.
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