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A birth doula is a continuous labor support person, skilled in providing comfort and encouragement to women during labor and the immediate postpartum period.  Doula care before and during labor can ensure continuous physical, emotional, and informational support to a new mother. While not a substitute to a doctor or a midwife, a doula can make childbirth a transcendent experience, advocating and vocalizing for a woman and her family. Doulas aid in breathing exercises, relaxation, massage, and other support techniques. Women choosing a doula with OMG Women’s Healthcare will be supported throughout the labor, delivery and postpartum process. The OMG Doula Program is an optional, additional service for current pregnant clients, and are at a significant cost savings compared to private doulas. It is important to note that while we offer the OMG Doula Program, we also support the use of private doulas that are hired by our clients. 


Karishma Darji


DONA Certified Doula 

Karishma has been  a doula since 2013, Karishma’s favorite part of her work is being able to help a mother and her family through labor.  She is a married mother from the south suburbs who enjoys family activities, working out, and staying busy.

Elizabeth Presta


DONA Certified Doula 

Elizabeth is a licensed doula through DONA International and has been practicing since 2013. She is also a certified Life Coach (IPEC). The past several years she has traveled extensively (31 countries), immersing herself in the locale and learning cultural birthing norms along the way. Her favorite part of being of being a doula is partnering with women to make sure they feel validated and heard throughout their birthing experience. Elizabeth is passionate about women’s healthcare and is continually learning. She loves to read, cook, garden, and push herself to new challenges, having just finished the 2019 Chicago Half Marathon. 

Marissa Lukas

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Bradley Certified Doula

Marissa has been a doula and instructor of The Bradley Method® of Natural Childbirth since 2010.  Her own birth experiences have motivated her to help others obtain the safe, healthy, and emotionally satisfying birth experiences they desire. She has a background in elementary education, and she brings her passion for teaching to her work in helping others become fully informed and educated. Marissaand her husband live in the south suburbs with their four children.  She enjoys cooking, living a healthy lifestyle, gardening, and her fair share of reading books and binge watching shows in her spare time.


According to the Cochrane Database, continuous labor support from a trained support person provides:

  • Increased rate of vaginal delivery 

  • Shorter duration of labor 

  • Decreased cesarean birth or instrumental birth

  • Decrease use of analgesia, such as epidural or narcotics

  • Decreased rate of low five-minute Apgar scores

  • Increase birth satisfaction rates