Welcome to OMG Women’s Healthcare

Important Announcement

Great News! We’re back!

We have two new doulas on our team, and were able to cover all of our births with no interruption in service! Be sure to attend our next doula meet and greet to get to know Debbie and Jennie. We’re very excited to have them aboard! We’ll be posting pictures and bios of them soon, so stay tuned! 

Why OMG?

We believe women should understand their healthcare options and be empowered to make decisions that meet their own needs.

At OMG we offer convenient access to personalized healthcare. Our team is anchored by a Board Certified Obstetrician-Gynecologist who performs advanced surgery. OMG’s Certified Nurse Midwives and Nurse Practitioners provide high-risk and routine obstetric and gynecological care to women of every age, including writing prescriptions and ordering  tests such as mammograms. Our patients can opt to see a physician,  midwife or nurse practitioner at any time.  We’re on staff at Adventist Hinsdale Hospital and the Adventist La Grange Memorial Hospital Natural Birth Center.

Patient visits at OMG are timed to be longer than is typical, enabling our patients to develop a deeper, more personal relationship with our providers. Our team members collaborate on every case to assure that care is consistent and represents the best practices.

Your Birth, Your Way

We view childbirth as a normal process, and support every woman’s choice of medicated or unmedicated birth, but we recognize that sometime, things go other than planned.  Currently the majority of our deliveries are performed at Adventist Hinsdale Hospital. With the opening of the new, Accredited Natural Birth Center at Adventist La Grange Hospital, patients seeking an unmedicated, natural birth have this option as well. Our Cesarean sections are performed in a gentle, family centered way.  We offer Multiples, VBAC and Waterbirth to our patients seeking these options.  Midwives can attend  both high and low risk births with a physician in collaboration.  Patients may also choose to use a physician alone.

Why Certified Nurse Midwives (CNM)?

A CNM is a registered nurse with a minimum of a master’s degree from an accredited university and who has passed a national board certification exam. They are considered “Advanced Practice Nurses” and are legally recognized nationwide.  Our midwives are considered “full-scope” in that they can care for a woman throughout the span of her life, offering both gynecological and obstetrical care.

Why Midwifery?

Midwives believe that pregnancy and birth are normal events, typically occurring without major medical complications. Midwives seek to actively engage women to play a dynamic role in their own care, emphasizing preventive medicine and holistic healthcare. Interventions around childbirth are used judiciously. Nurse-midwives always work in collaboration with OB-GYN physicians in case a woman or baby develops a complication beyond the midwife’s expertise.  At OMGWH, our midwives work in the same office as their collaborating physician, which means our patients never lose their midwife!   Some of the benefits of nurse midwifery care are:
• Women are 50 percent less likely to require a cesarean section
• Equal or better outcomes for women and babies compared to traditional care
• More likely to deliver vaginally after a cesarean section
• Decreased incidence of low-birth-weight babies
• 33 percent lower risk of infant death in the first month of life